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in the theatre again ^_^

I'm happy because I didn't have to wait another year to go to the theatre again, only six moths :)
If it depended only from me I would go there every day, unfortunately lack of time and sometimes lack of money prevents me from that. But what friends are for, to help right?
Yet last Saturday's evening I've spend in the theatre, watching a wonderful play called simply "PIAF". Yes, the play was about Edith Piaf and her life full of success and failures, lost love that made her to runaway in alcohol and drugs.Life with a lot of arguments and some dangerous accidents but also very famous and talented friends.

Tha play lasted for two and half hours and every minute of it was amazing and worth of time spent in the theatre.
The thing I really love was that the play was focused on character of Edith Piaf and people that she met in her life. There was practically no scenography and it wasn't needed. Actors made an wonderful job, filling the stage with all the right things and yet ...
Dorota Lulka that played Edith Piaf completely stole the whole play. She and her amazing voice just hypnotized the audience that made her to sing again and again long after the play ended.

Edith Piaf belongs to the singers I listen to a lot, I really love her voice and songs. It always amazes me how such a little woman could sing with such big and amazing voice. I admire her desire and love for singing. She went through so much yet she still was fighting so hard to stand on the stage and sing. It's a great lost she left this world so soon.

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