Maria (blue_eye1) wrote,

KAT-TUN - "Break the Records" DVD LE

It happened again :D I received my BtR DVD in the day of it's premiere *do the happy dance*

I have my wonderful Christmas gift and no matter how it's going to sound, the DVD still will find it's place under the Christmas Tree on the 24th of December.
And still I'll be happy all over again to see it there. Yes, sometimes I'm totally like a big child but I don't care :D:D:D

I wonder why I wasn't able to take better photos of T-TUN? I tried. Only Akame has the right clouors.
Do higher powers want to tell me something?

P.S. Third disc done, now I'm just watching the concert.
Third Disc:
Kame driving car, Kame on the beach talking with a lot of enthusiasm and emotions - love him for that, Kame's ero dance... and Kame looks really damn good :D
Jin playing soccer and Maru is there too with him, Jin with camera trying to concentrate on Kame... and Jin look really good and Maru too :D
Junno and his costume for magic corner - my stomach still hurts from laughing :D
Koki went for a spiritual experience.
Maru at some park that looks a bit like heritage park (translation should tell where he is) and he is taking photos of ducks. I love him for things like that :D
Ueda, I have no idea where he is, maybe some kind of farm.
So I'm off to continue watching, see ya :D
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