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Kame's love for baseball will be always admired by me

I know I'm repeating myself but every time I watch Kame involved in baseball in any form, it  makes me really happy to see how much he loves and enjoys that sport, every aspect of it, even if it's not on the field.
I have just finished watching Going! Sports & News with Kame, even if understood only part of it I still had a really great time watching it :D

And Kame looked so good and handsome all the way, no mater if it was casual, suit or sport suit

When it came to work in the filed, doing interviews and related thinks, Kazuya was really nervous, I could tell by the way he was smiling. It was really different kind of smile and nervousness was written all over his face. Yet despite that he was really looking forward to his work and he really enjoyed it after all :D

About Kame's nervousness, I think that his heart beaten the fastest during his interview with one of the coach Tatsunori Hara
(When he was asked by Coach Hara "You like baseball, right? Dont you want to join GIANTS too?, he answered with huge excitement "I LOVE Giants") (!) .

I really liked the way he was holding coach's hand with both his ^^

The thing I really loved while Kazuya talked to people was that he was always looking them in the eye ( I always do that too and I think that's very important), he was always listening to them with attention (well they all were talking about the thing he loves the most) and he was taking every given advise that could improve his baseball skills (Kame and his aim for perfection ^^).

And of course Kame wouldn't be himself if he didn't try to throw few balls ^_^

Another thing was that Kazuya was enjoying himself even with tasks that are happening behind the scenes, like getting balls ready to used in game or collecting used ones in boxes. And he still managed to watch the game in TV, cheering his favourite team :D:D:D

(Kame lost in work)                                                                              (Kame thrilled while holding one of GIANTS' balls) damn, I love his hands

Every time I see Kazuya involved with baseball, I see how he radiates with happiness. During that time his smile is so different from when he is an idol. It's like he is smiling with all his heart, with all himself and there is that aura, only seen when Kame is doing anything connected to his beloved sport :D:D:D

Something tells me that I'm gonna make caps from every single episode with Kame in it.
Kame as a sport caster is great and pleasurable to watch !!!

PS. While watching this program, at the beginning and at the end, I can swear, I've heard a new KAT-TUN's song. If I read it correctly, the title is "Going!" Is it only for the show or it'll be their new single? Any "spy" knows something about that song? because from what I could hear, I like it :D

(!) Part in brackets is taken from a wonderful community yakyuurocker that made the translation of the original post from: Thank You again ^^

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