Maria (blue_eye1) wrote,

Kame and baseball, yes I'm again on it ^_^

Another episode of Going! Sports & News with Kame ^_^
Everyone can say about me what they want but to me Kame looks soooooooooo handsome here and I really would like to say also  something about his ... but I won't say anything since it's a public post and I supposed to be a good girl not a vain one ^_~

This time, they all were sitting behind the table and Kazuya looked like a professional caster ^^
I prefer that concept more then just sitting around one small table like they did last week.

So to another part of this post with Kame actually training, new to him, pitching baseball mechanics. I love his his smile when he does something wrong, it's sweet and shy at the same time ^_^

Alright, I admit, being a good girl is overrated so with the next pic I'll be vain and probably something more ^_~ but I just can't stop myself from attaching this one here too :D Damn I'm a bad girl but I don't care right now ^_^


Time to get back on earth. Time for the real thing in front of people and two teams :D

Kame looked so concentrated and calm. I love to watch him during the real thing, he truly loves and cares about his beloved baseball ♥♥♥
Kazuya and baseball is always so much love and happiness ♥
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