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kazuya & baseball with me being little a bad girl ^_~

This time I'm so late with my fangirling about Kazuya and baseball so loved by him.
I've had a very good reason for that. Fangirling (especially over Kazuya) must take a break when serious and tragic things happen.

So let's begin with Going!Sport & News with Kame from april 11th ^^
And of course I must start with how good Kame looks in suit and I love all the attachments he always wears ^_^

I didn't mention that before but there was this one scary guy, destroying things when being angry or should I said mad. Kame was a bit scared of him.

But there was also this very nice guy, a baseball player Yamasaki Takeshi, Kame's opponent in the opening of the game and Kame wasn't afraid of him even a little ^_^

Now some time for hard training and here bad girl emerges for the first time in this post ^_~
Kamenashi Kazuya with sweat all over his face, with ends of his hair also wet from sweat and messy.
I have got shivers and it feels so nice and it's Kame after all and my thoughts... :D

Ok, stop day dreaming bad girl. The big event is so close already ^_^

Being nervous but still smiling to make himself feel better, I love his smile ^_^

Getting ready...

Opponent is getting ready too                                 and the scary man is watching...

And action...

Yep, Yamasaki fell not even hitting the ball. And the scary man is laughing.

While Kazuya smiling still feels little embarrassed. Damn he knows how to be sweet ^^

After the game Kazuya had a little talk with Yamasaki, still feeling embarrassed a little. Kame nie zmieniaj się ^^

Kame is such a young yet mature and handsome man but when it comes to baseball he is still a little boy having his favourite toy, dreaming about becoming a big baseball player, giving his best for the team ^_^
I deeply believe that one day he'll be given a chance to play a full match as a player of his favourite team ^_^

Now back to the studio for more caps of Kame...


Now I wanna end this post with becoming a bad girl once more and the reason for that is Kazuya's epic attempt of high jumping. He failed with only 1,30m but I'm not making any comments about his jump  since I wouldn't make it myself ^^
But I just can't have no reaction at the same end of that jump, of that gif and to that photo. It's stronger than me, it's my instinct and we can't fight our instincts, right?. Maybe right now I should feel embarrassed but I'm not. Instead I have a big smile on my face ^_~

I just must say this:
BEING BAD AND VAIN GIRL FROM TIME TO TIME FEELS DAMN GOOD ^_^                                                                                                    
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