Maria (blue_eye1) wrote,

KAT-TUN - Going! covers ^^

Normally I wouldn't make a post about KAT-TUN's single covers but with Going! I decided to do one. Why? The answer is very simple.
Finally after three years and 11th singles of plain design, the 12th single has good covers ^_^
I'm wondering why couldn't this be done much sooner or from the same beginning. It would made the past covers more bright and alive.
Personally, I really love all three covers yet my favourite one is Type B even if guys in white are looking very appealing :D

  Going! [w/ DVD, Limited Edition / Type A]                                                                                    
Going! [Limited Edition / Type B],  includes a 20 page booklet                          
Going! [Regular Edition] 

Tags: kat-tun

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