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yes kame & baseball again but also Kame distracting me successfully...

Another episode of Going!Sports & News and this time with a very interesting story about  Kanemoto Tomoaki from Hanashin Tigers.

He is regarded as one of the most accomplished hitters in Japanese professional baseball history and has hit more home runs in his career than any other left-handed hitter who throws right-handed. He also holds the world record for consecutive games played without missing an inning. This guy is really tough and he definitely has a very strong will to fight.

Now back to Kazuya making another interviews. And damn he looked good in that outfit. The jacked, scarf, his hair and that his lovely smile ♥♥♥ I must say this but in my opinion, light grey colour suits him well ♥

I like very much the way he is interviewing people. I even like these little 3D cards with logo of Going! and Ueda's image. It's cute^^ People's reactions on these cards are funny but they always like them :)

Yes Kame, baseball player's shoes are very important and interesting to talk about ^^

Now let's take a minute for a few caps from the studio. This time Kame's outfit had no attachments like scarf or something like that. The only thing extra that was there, was a necklace with a scull.
Honestly, even if I really like all that scarfs that Kame wears, I loved the idea of his bare neck. Yes I have a neck fetish when it comes to men ^_~ and Kame's neck is just ... ♥♥♥

There was one more thing that Kame was distracting me with but I'm too shy ^_~ to say what it was and I don't want to let out that bad girl in me because then... I better not tell.
Let's look for few more pics and maybe someone who was watching that episode will know what I mean even if deep down I hope that no one will *is very shy*

After a pic spam like that I always feel much better even if it takes time to do it, actually Kame always makes me feel so much better about everything and his smile gives me so much energy to fight and to continue living ^_^
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