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Kame chasing the ball with his youthful idol :D

The episode of Going!, from 2010.04.25, was just amazing. It was a real pleasure to watch Kazuya being so happy. Well he had a very good reason to it. Kame could spend time with his youthful idol, Taguchi So (Taguchi is the first Japanese National League player to win a World Series. Taguchi is also the first Japanese player to win two World Series with different teams – with the St. Louis Cardinals in 2006 and the Philadelphia Phillies in 2008). Kazuya was very exited and full of admiration for Taguchi. I love to watch Kame acting like that :D

yes people that is Kame in the air trying to catch the ball, he made me laugh a lot, how can not love that guy ^_^

yes, we all already know that Kame is not good when it comes to jumping, any kind of jumping ^^

And now some more caps from that episode that made me smile or laugh quite hard :D At one point I was laughing a lot seeing Kame acting like a child and laughing like a child that just saw something very funny or amusing. I say it again, how not to love that guy ♥♥♥

yes Kame, your hand is small comparing to his ^^

And few more from the studio. I must say this but I so love Kame's scarf ^_^

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