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Ueda Shinya x Kamenashi Kazuya no Going! Yakyuu SP

Yes, it's me again talking about Kazuya and baseball related things ^_^

Today let's start with Kame's starting lineup announcement in Kyocera Dome, in Osaka, from 15.04.2010
He was really nervous and looked bit lost but he did his best to concentrate and do the work good ^_^
And I can't forget about the way he was smiling before and after the announcement. I really do love him smiling :D

Now let's go to the part where Kazuya had had a little game (asking questions) with three baseball players; Tanaka Masahiro, Iwakuma Hisashi and Nagai Satoshi with baseball game rules. And of course Kazuya had won ^_^

Back at the studio Kazuya played the same game with Ueda Shinya, giving him only one question and of course he won again ^_^


Now I am going to end this post with few more caps from the studio ^_^

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