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handsome guy training with baseball team ^^

I'm so late with my posts when it comes to Kazuya and baseball but real life grabbed me firmly and didn't want to let go easily. Luckily I was able to find some time today for some pleasurable things so I decided to make a post.

Going! Sports & News from 16th of May was really great and I loved it, especially since Kazuya took part in real training with one of the baseball teams and there was also a bit of "Seishun Amigo" performed by Kamenashi Kazuya  and Tsubakurou-chan, the mascot ^^

"Seishun Amigo"

Warm up


Ok, I admit it was really pleasurable to watch Kame during that warm up ^_~ Some of the views were just...


During that training, while hitting ball with the bat, Kame hurt his right hand. I must say that it was really amusing how he was reacting to that and how like a child he was eager to show it to another player and later also in the studio. He made me really laugh with that ^^

And back to the studio for a  moment ^^

gifs made by crovoxisikes 
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