Maria (blue_eye1) wrote,

Lotte ceremonial first pitch, Kamenashi Kazuya vs Nishioka Tsuyoshi ^^

I'm late again with Going! Sports & News and my favourite baseball player ^^ and today is already another episode. But it's better late than ever, right?

So Kazuya made another first pitch in the baseball game. This time between Chiba Mariens and Yakult Swallows. And of course he won again and he was so happy because of that. I love to see him smiling and being happy like that. He only truly does that when it comes to baseball ^_^

Like always it all began with mascot, no with mascots, very lovable and sweet ones XD

Then it's time to get to know the field and take some good practice in pitching ^^
First pic and Kazuya covered with sweat... actually makes me feel really nice *bricked*
And the most important thing, Kame's eyes, so beautiful, serious and so concentrated ♥♥♥

Finally time for some good action and good perfprmence from Kazuya ^^ 

Time to get back to the studio and I so love Kazuya's scarf ^_^
And the way Kame is laughing makes me smile to and makes me want to watch that smile of his all the time XDDD

Tags: going, kazuya i baseball

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