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Kazuya's training with Uchikawa Seiichi ^_^

Episode of Going! aired May 30th is definitely going to be one of my favourite ones because Kazuya had an opportunity to train with Uchikawa Seiichi from Yokohama BayStars ^_^
I must admit that I really like Uchikawa even if I learned about him only five moths ago XD

First time I saw these two together during Nakai's 7 Contests where Kazuya as a pitcher struck out Uchikawa. This time Kame was learning from the professional baseball player and really paid attention to every word, learning few new useful things.

But first let's start with very friendly mascots. Kame has always a great contact with them :D:D:D

Training time to begin and the difference between Kazuya and Uchikawa in high and body build is so big and very noticeable. Kazuya doesn't look like baseball player at all yet he is so good at it ^_^

Now it's time to go back to studio and once again Kazuya looks just great and adorable ^_^

P.S. I really do love Kazuya's new solo "Sweet" It is so much his style and honestly I was expecting this time exactly a song like that. Kazuya really feels himself good and comfortable with smooth songs, with good and steady rhythm, just like that one. And it's a good song to listen to it before going to sleep. It gives peaceful feeling ♥
I already can't wait to have my copy of the album ^_^
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