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Kamenashi ball cathcer and Kamenashi-sensei ^_^

I'm so very behind with my Going! Sports & News posts. Yet  I have a very good line of defense; WORLD CUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D Yes I love football very much. I was already born with deep and strong love for that sport (^_^)
I think I might go slightly crazy in 2012 when European Championships will be held in my country and one of the stadiums is so close to me, like 40 kilometers. I just have to be there no matter what ^^

Ok, enough of it. This post is about a different sport and about Kame so let's start with Going! S&N from 6th of June XDDD
I need to start with Kame's clothes. I want him to wear this kind of clothes always even if they make me unable to concentrate on other things too much. I've already once mentioned why so I'm not going to repeat myself here :D

Now to the main event, Kame as ball catcher ^_^ He was just adorable and his expressions are just to cute ^_^

Little chat with Uchikawa Seiichi (I like that guy more and more) and embarrassed Kame - cute ^^

Now back to studio where Kame showed his very good knowledge of baseball ^_^

Ueda-san called Kazuya "Kamenashi-sensei" that how impressed he was with Kame's knowledge XDDD
And Kazuya was so proud of himself while glowing with happiness XD
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