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to make it in five mintes ^^

It's time for Going! Sport & News Special from 19th of June ^_^

In this episode, Kame once again was working behind the scenes of baseball game, this time at Yokohama Stadium. Kame's task was to draw lines, straight lines in the batter's box. Did he make it and did he do it right we'll see later.
I would like to start this first with few loyal fans of Kame :D It's not the first time when we're meeting them and it's definitely not the last one either :D

After some nice time with fans it's time to have some practice before the important five minutes ^^

I don't think that any comment is needed...
... so now to the main event and only 5 minutes to do it all.

                                                                                                           Kame, there is one more line to draw and almost no time...

                                                                                                            He made it XD

I do believe you that your back hurts quite much.

So now, like always, let's get back to the studio...

I really do love Kame's hands so I just had to put that pic here XD
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