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kamenashi kazuya vs uchikawa seiichi

It's time for another episode of Going! Sports & News. This time it's from 27th of June. In this episode we have another little duel between Kazuya and Uchikawa Seiichi ^^

So Kame is again at the Yokohama Stadium getting ready for his, on field meeting with Uchikawa. Once again we meet one of Kame's devoted fans that becomes quite bold :D


Now it's time for brief meeting with Uchikawa and then training with pitchers Yusaku Iriki and Daisuke Miura.

Daisuke Miura wrote on Kame's hat "hit it! if you can"

Now it's time for the main event and first pitching...

Good work Kame...
and now the second pitching...

This time very good work for Uchikawa XD

So it's time to get back to the studio where Kame shows a ball signed by Uchikawa and once again shows a good knowledge of baseball and of course looks very good ^^

I love Kame's smile very much. He makes me smile too, always.

gifs made by crovoxisikes 

Today was incredibly hot day. The highest temperature was 44 Celsius degrees in the sun and even if it's after 9pm now it's still 20 degrees out not mentioning how hot it is inside my house.
I don't feel to well and it was like that the whole day. I haven't eaten anything all day but I drink like crazy. And tomorrow... it supposed to be even hotter. I hope I'll make it somehow.
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