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kamenashi kazuya & nishioka tsuyoshi

Finally a post with Going! Sports & News from 4th of July ^^
I want to start it, saying that I really enjoyed that episode. Kazuya worked here very hard and despite that, it's very clear how much he loves and enjoys baseball activities and baseball itself. The way Kazuya was smiling, I only see him like that when baseball is involved. He might be tired after these activities pr after playing baseball, he might even curse (like in this episode) but at the end he is still happy. I rally love when happiness like that beams from Kazuya ^_^

Since we can watch Kazuya in Going!, it's the second time when he has a chance to have warm up and training with a baseball team. He really enjoyed it even if he didn't catch the ball or simply fell down.

After the training Kazuya could finally start catching ball with Nishioka Tsuyoshi. They both had a lot of fun, especially Kame even if it was very tiring.

After a while a time for a challenge came. Kazuya had to catch the ball five times in a row.

Yep, he didn't catch the fourth ball but he tried again from the beginning...

Yes, he did it for the second time but it really cost him a lot.

I think it's the first time that I've heard him curse but after all this, I really don't mind.

After jon well done, it's time to get back to the studio, like always ^^

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