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kamenashi kazuya vs t-okada ^^

Yes, I'm finally catching up with all Going! Sports & News episodes and now it's finally time for the post from 18th of July ^_^ So we meet here again, Alex Cabrera that almost crushes Kame's hand - twice, mascots that like always get a long with Kame. And of course Kame with ceremonial first ball against Orix Buffaloes' batter T-Okada.

Visit on the stadium like always has to began with meeting the mascots, very cute mascots ^^

Now it's time to meet some players like Cabrera but most of all T-Okada by whose batting Kazuya is amazed.

Now it's about time to do some practice for good pitching and try new techniques of pitchint a ball with players from Orix Buffaloes.

Finally it's time for the ceremonial first pitch...

I really liked when Kazuya didn't find it necessary for T-Okada to take the glove off before shaking hands with him. That says a lot about his attitude towards baseball players because it didn't happen for the first time.
And the last screencap when he wasn't very satisfied with the balls that he was throwing. So cute ^^

And yes, now it's time to get back to the studio.

Description and judgement of Kame's pitching and Kame can feel good about himself.

I really love the way he acts when he is embarrassed when being priced by someone ^_^
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