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Kame training with Chiba Lotte Marines and losing with Ueda in baseball history ^^

It's time for another Going! Sports & News, especially that I'm again late with the latest episodes. Tonight it's Going! Sports & News Special from 24th of July. It this episode Kame, again takes a actual baseball training. This time  with Chiba Lotte Marines and of course with Nishioka Tsuyoshi and manager Norifumi Nishimura.
Later we'll also take a look on quiz called Going! Back, taken by Ueda Shinya and Kamenashi about bit of baseball history. Some of Kame's expressions in studio and during that quiz are more than priceless ^_^

It's just impossible not to love that guy and smile or laugh with him ♥♥♥

Let's start with Chiba Lotte Marines Stadium...
It was another opportunity for Kame to be a part of a baseball team training. He really kept himself close to Tsuyoshi for almost all the time to finally loose to his pitching at the end.

At the end Kame took a short interview with Nishioka Tsuyoshi and Chiba's Lotte Marines manager Norifumi Nishimura (former baseball player) I really like Kame's voice during that interview, so composed and the sound of it...

Nishioka Tsuyoshi                                                                         Norifumi Nishimura

Now it's time for the quiz Going! Back and its four questions. Since my knowledge of Japanese baseball history equals zero, I concentrated on the way Kame was concentrating while hearing the question and thinking about answer. And Kame's expressions, for most of the time were practically sweeping me of my feet, actually of the chair but still...
First question: Ueda 1-0 Kamenashi


Second question: Ueda 2-0 Kamenashi

Third question: Ueda 3-1 Kamenashi

Fourth question: Ueda 4-1 Kamenashi

Yes, Kame lost and he was really disappointed with himself but still had a good time and fun :D
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