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Kame's best performance as a pitcher and I shed few tears of happiness^^

I'm late again with Going! Sports & News posts but hey, I have vacation that are just coming to an end and I wanted to spend at least few days without even touching my PC or laptop (that was really hard to do ^^).
So let's start with episode from 1st of August since I have quite a lot caps to post and very hyper Kame ^_^ It's a very special episode with Kame performing his best pitching against Hitoshi Tamura with whom he has a bit of history :)

Fukuoka Yahoo! Dome with Soft Bank HAWKS and of course there is no other way than start with mascots that gave Kame another shirt with his name and designation of the team...

After nice things it's time to meet and observe a little the opponent, Hitoshi Tamura.

I wonder if Tamura was thinking about THIS contest while talking with Kazuya ^_^

Ok, Kame became bit scared so he decided to ask for some tips other Soft Bank HAWKS team members...
The manager of the team, Koji Akiyama                                   Hiroki Kokubo

Munenori Kawasaki                                                                      Marimoto Satoru

All the talks helped Kame to gain confidence and his smile returned.

So it was time to do some practice in pitching with help of another Soft Bank HAWKS players; Tsuyoshi Wada and Takahiro Mahara.
I really love how Kazuya is always listening carefully to the players hints. He has a very big need and desire to learn as much as he can about baseball and he always gives his best ^_^
And at the end of the practice, Kame received a new baseball glove from Mahara ^^

Finally it's time for the main event and Kame tries to stay cool yet he is also concentrated.

First pitching...

Second pitching...

Third pitching...

Fourth pitching...

Fifth pitching ended with Tamura being struck out. I think that for a moment there Tamura had no idea where the ball is and his reaction... he was so surprised.

I must admit that seeing Kame so genuinely happy, with so much positive energy and such a cheerful "Yatta", made me shed few tears of happiness and I have no idea when exactly the first one of them appeared but to tell the truth I don't care since it was because of Kame's true happiness ^_^

After all that happiness it's time to get back to the studio where once again Kazuya is praised for what he did and he takes with such a sweet shyness, like always ^_^

That was for sure my favourite episode of Going! out of all of them until now. Seeing Kazuya this happy is really something and I hope that he'll become better and better so he'll be able to finally hit a home run like he wishes still for this year.
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