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not happy sho after smelly food & janken game then hypnosis and tape lost by sho ^^

Today's weather isn't a nice one, it's quite cold and it's raining. So I got wet on my way back home from work and if that wasn't enough my shoes and jeans got dirty in mud because of make-over of the road that is taking forever.
So after recovering from wetness and all the dirt in order to relax, I decided to watch something fun. After browsing through my video files I choose to watch one of older (from January this year) episodes of "Arashi no Shukudai-kun". I've had a really, really good fun watching it and I just had to make some screencaps and most of them are with Sho of course ^^

In this episode the guest was a duet from Osaka, Jaru Jaru, unfortunately I know nothing about them.

So in the first part Jaru Jaru had to taste three types of food, very smelly food but apparently very delicious. After the food was tasted by the duo a time for and Arashi member and Ogura-san came. To decide who is going to taste it, they played Janken.
The first one was a french cheese called Ribarou came... and only after the Janken was played and only two people left , they decided that the winner will have to eat it ^^

The second one was Cambodia's food seasoning, Pura Hokku and after only smelling it Nino had to go to fresh box. When it came to playing Janken, Jun decided to flee to fresh box while Ogura-san and leader pretended that they are staff :D:D:D
And yes, Sho won again even if he really tried to lose.

The third one was Korean dish, steamed Hono. Before even Aiba opened the box with it everyone decided to flee to the fresh box but Sho had to come out. When it came time to taste the dish by one of the members... it seemed like Janken was already played !? and Sho supposed to be the one that won again :D:D:D


After all they played Janken but yes, Sho won for the third time and I really wanted to cheer him up since he really needed it.

I must admit that even if Sho had had really bad luck with that food while he had had a lot of luck (or not) with Janken, I loved that part and everyone's reactions very much and laughed a lot, really a lot.

Second part of this program was equally funny, especially when Nino started to hypnotize, first Sho then Aiba. Sho was much better with playing that part than Aiba and Nino was a true master of hypnosis :D Thanks to Nino's actions we learned that Sho lost a tape that he borrowed from Ohno and Ohno borrowed it from Aiba and the tape's content was...

All this really made my day and my mood is so much better right now ^_^
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