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kame being behind the scenes, once again

One more Going! Sports & News post today. This one is from 15th of August and also is dedicated to ilovekamechan ^_^
In this episode Kazuya goes behind the scene of a live transmission of the baseball game between Giants and Hanashimi Tigers. He helps with equipment and learns how heavy it is. Observes work of a cameraman and becomes one for a while. And finally he ends up in control room to be left in charge of ceiling camera during live transmission ^_^

So if someone wants to know how it all works, meeting with director is what they have to begin with ^^ Oh and I have to mention here Kame's jacket and his vest later but I don't want to make a comment on that, especially about the jacket XD
During that conversation Kame says something about how it looks with cameras on drama set but my Japanese is not good enough to understand everything.

Now let's see how heavy the equipment is and how short climbing the stairs with it, makes Kame tired and all sweaty...

Time to learn few things about camera, how to work with it to have good footage. Kame like always takes it very serious and concentrates on the task. Even if the effects hadn't been so good he still had had a lot of fun ^_^

And finally, the main event. The game, control room and live transmission. Kame was a very attentive listener but he also was having a lot of fun. Yet when the transmission begun he was very concentrated and nervous only to become happy when managed a quite good capture with camera left in his charge. Actually once or twice he acted like a little child that had done something good and waits for praising ^_^ He was really adorable like acting like that  ^_^

Now because I'm in a good mood I'll include here few screecaps from tonight's episode of Going! S&N. More of it will come later.

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