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a bit more of pitching and meeting with Tanaka Masahiro

And again I'm late with Going! S&N. My only defense is that I've had a busy week and also a great opportunity came that I just had take. But today I'm on the track again and I'll try my best to make another post tomorrow ^^
So let's begin with the episode from 22nd of August...

So even if Kame has a new goal, hitting a home run, he still takes gladly another opportunity  to learn more about pitching ^^. Also Kazuya has another chance to meet with Tanaka Masahiro to show him a certain video that made them both to laugh a lot.
But I need to start with saying that I really love Kame's black and white scarf in this episode that composed good with his black jacket and white shirt. Actually, Kame always wears great scarfs that match his clothes very well ^_^ But this time... black and white worked really good on him XD

Let's see one more of Kame's pitching training at Sendai's Rakuten Eagles stadium and I just need to say that it really amazes me how Kame is always so polite and full of respect, how he always bows when others expect to just shake a hand with him. It really makes an impression on me so how must all these people feel when he bows to them like that.

Next, there was a meeting with Tanaka Masahiro and during it Tanaka could watch a video of the tree hosts of the Going! S&n to talk about him. If I understood well they were supposed to say something about Tanaka Masahiro and he had to say which one of them were right.
It turned out that half of Kame's and Ueda's assertions were right XD

Few more caps from the studio. Yes few more because I really, really do love that black and white scarf ^_^

Tonight's post I will end with some teasers from last night's Going! N&S SP because I really loved these three kids having fun with 3D glasses. So I'm giving you two screen caps and one gif. Enjoy ^_^
that reaction is caused by small baseball ball XD
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