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13 September 2010 @ 08:55 pm
new banner ^^ and 30 Seconds to Mars  
Let's start with new banner made by me ^_^
The ones that expressed their opinion said that the second one was better so the second one it is. Thank You All Very Much for your help XD

Now to the second part of my post when nothing much will be happening but few videos from 30 Seconds to Mars yet the lyrics of these songs are really good and are getting to me. This post was actually inspired by warriorofdream and her post that made me crave for 30 Seconds to Mars music and right now I'm listening to their album "This is war"

First video is a fan made for my absolutely favourite song from the album - "Hurricane" and the lyrics are just amazing...
Thank to warriorofdream for the link to this video XD

The second video is to a single "From Yesterday". Again great lyrics with so much truth in them.

Third video is very special.
“A Beautiful Lie” Underscores Global Climate Crisis; 30 Seconds To Mars Teams with NRDC & Bonneville Environmental Foundation To Offset Impact Of Filming. It is the first video shot in Greenland 200 miles north of the Arctic circle. This description is taken from Myspace.
A Beautiful Lie
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pinkporcapinkporca on September 13th, 2010 09:56 pm (UTC)
Wow! Thank you. 30 seconds to Mars just won an award on MTV Video Awards show yesterday. What timing. I can't believe someone else likes this band too. Hurricane is the best video.
Mariablue_eye1 on September 13th, 2010 10:29 pm (UTC)
You are welcome ^^
I know that they won and "Kings And Queens" totally deserved the award. I love that video, I always think about freedom while watching it XD
I love 30 Seconds to Mars and I'm happy that they visited Poland in August even if I couldn't see them live but Jared said they are going to come again in December so who knows...
And I agree Hurricane video is done very well ^^
(Deleted comment)
Mariablue_eye1 on September 19th, 2010 07:57 pm (UTC)
Dzięki, staram się. Jak bym miała więcej czasu to by te potępy lepsze były ^^

Zauważyłam nowy layout Twojego bloga ale tak mnie ta szczawiowa zajęłą, że zapomniałam wspomnieć ^^ Mnie się nowy wygląd podoba i nie razi po oczach a niebieski kolor dodaje magicznej oprawy (ah ponosi mnie wybraźnia)

Na dniach dowiedziałam się że Hurricane będzie nastepnym singlem 30 Seconds to Mars XD