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continuation of home run project...

And again I'm late with Going! Sports & News. My only explanation is that I'm busy but I just had to make at least one post since it really relaxes me and I've missed it. Besides it's about Kame so I don't have to say more just enjoy, enjoy and enjoy ^_^
So, without wasting more time let's have Going! Sports & News from 29th of August ^^

Once again Kazuya takes his batting practice at the Rakuten Eagles Stadium, this time with Yamasaki Takeshi.
Before the practice began we have had a little reminder of Kame's past practices with Uchikawa, Aoki and Matsunaka...

Before Kazuya began his practice with Yamasaki he asked him how it feels to hit a home run and a lot of emotions were shared.

There was also a funny moment when Yamasaki pretended to be hurt by Going! crew that he wasn't the first one to teach Kame batting, that Uchikawa and Aoki were before him so he probably isn't that good like the other two. Kazuya right away was telling him that it's not a case. Even if Yamasaki was smiling all the time and it was obvious that he is joking, Kame still had to say that they all are good. After that they both were actually praising the other two, especially Aoki XD

After that a time for practice came...

Then it was time to try for the home run and...

60 meters, more than half of 101,5 meters distance ^_^ Good job Kazuya ^_^

Time to go back to the studio where Kazuya still with a lot of enthusiasm, was talking about what he experienced and learn, also about his legs' work and how hard it was.

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