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the child and happiness within Kazuya ^_^

September is a very busy month for me and I don't really have much time for myself or for any good relax. To be honest, I'm already quite tired but after seeing so much happiness beaming from Kazuya, I feel much better right now. Seeing Kazuya's being happy and smiling always makes me feel better even if I'm really down XD

I have already seen many times Kazuya being very happy while acting very much like a kid and beaming with happiness. Yet today I saw the kind of happiness I have never seen before. Beaming is not enough because it was so much more. It was like Kazuya himself had been one big happiness finding himself in his own paradise; laughing so much, jumping like a kid, clapping hands... The reason of that? Soft Bank HAWKS celebrating their Championship of the Pacific League and the team made him feel like he was one of them. Coverage of that celebration can be seen in last night's episode of Going! Sports & News. And by the way, I must say that I have never before seen so much beer wasted in my entire life XD

The quality isn't good but when the time for the right post will come, all screencaps will be much better ^^
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