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how to make an original baseball bat and have a delicious meal after that...

Finally I'm back with my Going! Sports & News posts and I hope that nothing will interrupt me anymore in doing it. I really missed that XD and thanks to thegirlgoddess  I'm doing one tonight and I'm also dedicating this post to her. This one is for you Maria (you are right it sounds bit weird ^^)

So let's get it started and here comes Going! Sport & News from 5th of September.

In this episode Kazuya visited a MIZUNO the leading baseball company in Asia that makes baseball bats for pro baseball players only. While being there he had hoped that they could make one for him so he could practice hitting a home run with his own bat not borrowing bats from other players all the time. He was quite nervous while talking about having his own bat. Unfortunately he was denied that since he is not a baseball player. Kazuya was really disappointed but in a sweet way.
I must add here that I was really angry with Ueda-san for laughing at Kame because he was denied his own bat. And yes, Ueda-san still scares me when he laughs like that.

Yes, Kame and good manners XD The older man that Kazuya greats is a founder or director of this company (I'm not sure about it)

Let's see few things about making a good baseball bat like giving it a the right shape, checking bat's weight very precisely or like polishing with emery paper.
At the beginning there was a moment when a piece of wood was taking a shape of a baseball bat and Kazuya was acting like a kid that just saw something really amazing, unfortunately I wasn't able to make good screencaps of that and Kame was so cute ^_^

After Kazuya was done with working on bat all of a sudden he was informed that after all he will get his own baseball bat. Kazuya was really surprised, even shocked. Personally I think that Kame was rewarded for his genuine interest and participation in process of making a baseball bat. And in my opinion Kazuya deserved his own bat since he puts so much of his heart and soul into baseball ^_^


Now it's time for few screencaps from the studio since Kazuya looked really good and handsome ^_^

I enjoyed this episode very much. Seeing Kame bit nervous because of unknown, concentrated and doing things the best he can made me happy and Kazuya wasn't afraid to ask if he wasn't sure of something.

Tonight's post I would like to end with something extra. Thank to kt_newsinfo, I got to know that after visit in Mizuno, Kazuya went to a restaurant called “自由軒” near it and ate there tonteki . That restaurant is often visited by baseball players so no wonder Kazuya choose it.
I did little search and that's the restaurant:
and that's tonteki looks delicious.
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