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15 October 2010 @ 09:56 pm
kazuya's going! projects and 3D fun ^_^  
I decided to go with th flow and guess what... I'm doing another post for Going! Sports & News :D:D:D Tonight it's Going! SP episode from 11th of September.
At the beginning I must say that I really admire Kazuya because he takes all Ueda-san's bullying so calmly with smile and there is really a lot of that bullying. I hope that Ueda-san will get his karma when Kame will hit home run ^^
But now let's go to the main point and see tonight's post.

So it all started with reminder of all three Kazuya's projects for Going!; pitching, hitting a home run and task related with baseball. Until that episode Kazuya already completed his pitching project and now is focused on hitting a home run but there are still waiting other tasks related to baseball (more about them in future posts).
While talking about these projects Ueda-san had to bully Kame again saying that Kazuya already failed the home run project. Kame is really too patient with that man.

During that remainder Ueda-san just had to bully Kame again about how he was nervous at the beginning and how long he kept coach Hara's hand while talking to him.

We could also see the difference between Kazuya's and Cabrera's strength of hands. Kame's was 42,5 while Cabrera's 72,6.

Next part was about Kame's interview with Masahiro Tanaka. Questions were placed on cards and one of them held a reverse question which meant that Tanaka could ask one of the questions to Kazuya. Tanaka choose the one that made him to ask a question to Kame. But of course Kame wouldn't be himself if he didn't choose the question himself and Tanaka played with him ^_^ The question "chosen" by Kame was something about worries (not sure) and Kame talked something about home run project so he is probably worry if he'll make it (again, not sure)

Back in studio Ueda-san bullied Kame again that he won't be able to hit a home run even with his own original bat. Kame with a smile said that he will do that. 

This episode ended with watching a baseball game in 3D and they all acted like kids. Kame was of course the biggest kid XD

I will end tonight's post with three extra screencaps since Kame looks completely adorable on them XD

that pose... so much grace and sexiness ^_^
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marrria~: Kame_pursed lips <3thegirlgoddess on October 16th, 2010 09:12 am (UTC)
Wow~ you're on a GoSpo roll. Keep it going! <3

All I can say is: Karma is a bitch Ueda-san :)) rofl

I remember watching this episode I was laughing so hard I kept watching the scene where they wore that 3d glasses over and over again. Kazu's expression is so priceless and those fingers ahh I am dying of cuteness~ (^_^)

That pose with Kame holding a baseball bat mades my heart go doki doki and I agree with you so much grace and sexiness. Now, I can't wait for tomorrow's GoSpo.

Anyway, thanks again and see you around Maria!!! (:
marrria~: Kame_pursed lips <3thegirlgoddess on October 16th, 2010 09:14 am (UTC)
*made my heart

rofl~ spelling fail :P
Maria: Freeblue_eye1 on October 16th, 2010 12:20 pm (UTC)
Yes I am and there is big probability that tonight I'll make another post :D

I really do hope that Ueda-san will get his karma ^^

I love the 3D part very much and that synchronization between these three when the ball was flaying at them :D and Kame is more than adorable XD

Kame knows how to make our hats go doki doki over him ^_^

You're welcome :D