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kamenashi kazuya's mizuno pro baseball bat ^_^

And yet another Going! Sport & News post since I still have a few to catch up with :D
Tonight's episode is from 12th of September and is continuation of episode from 5th of September where the Kazuya learned that he'll have his own baseball bat. The thing that made really happy in this episode that karma did get back at Ueda-san for him bullying Kame and karma did it through Kazuya :D:D:D

At the beginning of the program Kazuya showed everyone his own baseball bat and he was like a little kid that can't wait to have his most wanted and awaited toy. I must admit that I really like how Kazuya's name was engraved in it and Kame also liked it very much.
He was so lost  in admiration of his baseball bat that he even forgot to introduce his own corner of the program :D

Let's get back to MIzuno company to see how one of Kazuya's bats was made. He was given two different bats to try them out.
One of them was Ichro (black one) and the other one was Matsui (light one)

So both bats have good points but Ichro one seems to not have enough power for Kame but the handle is good since Kame's hands are small. Matsui one has power that Kame loves but the handle is too big for his hands. All that means that a perfect bat for Kame would have to be done out of these two. Is that possible? Yes, since Kazuya charmed all people in Mizuno, they decided to do for him a bat with handle from Ichro and power from Matsui.

While the bat for Kame is being made, there are few moments where Kazya has this smile and it gives me an image of happy Kame, jumping, clapping hands and singing "it's mine, it's mine, it's mine". My imagination makes it all look so much better XD

Back in th studio karma gave Ueda-san what he deserved since he was jealous of Kazuya having his own bat and later Kame didn't give his bat to Ueda-san so he could hold it. Well Ueda-san started to bully Kazuya again, even if he wished him well before, so karma will have to also act again.
Kame had no problem with giving his bat to Egawa-san who supports Kame and wants him to hit a home run XD

I'm very happy that Kazuya has his own bats now (according to his interview in WInk Up 11.2010, you can find it here in going_gonin , he has more than one) and I hope that it will bring him luck with hitting a home run. I wish him to do that to see that happy kid again just like when he struck out Hitoshi Tamura. Good Luck Kazuya ^_^
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