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kamenashi kazuya, the manager

Time for another Going! News & Sport post. Tonight, it's episode from 19th of September where Kame took break from his home run project to become a manger of Sendai's Rakuten Eagles for two days. And again I enjoyed this episode very much since it was really nice to watch Kazuya being cautious, concentrated, lost, nervous or not sure with kanji but always with good manners ^_^

Kazuya's guide here was Kenichi Kako, manager of Rakuten Eagles. I must admit that work of a baseball team manager is very complicated but to be honest few things he has to do are unnecessary in my opinion.
So let's start with the first meeting and with exchange od cards and Kame of course had had the one with Ueda-san :D

As the manager Kazuya had to arrange, the list of players, tickets for the plane, shinkansen (known as bullet train), bus. He had to take care of Hotel, he had to write official list of players so it could be exchanged with coach of the opposite team and than put them on bord.

I just had to put that gif here, Kazuya is more than adorable here. And I was kind of surprised that coach Brown remembered Kame since they only talked once in April and he noticed the change of hair style.


During the exchange of players list coach Brown wanted Kame to tell a joke to the other team coach but Kazuya only introduced himself and said that he is not good with jokes. After that he was apologizing to coach Brown (he is always polite and apologizes even if doesn't have to, how is it possible that there are still people like Kame in today's world) but the other said it's ok and Kame must have been too nervous.

Back in the studio Kame said that manager's work is very hard but also very important and manager must give his all to his job to know all the players well and be there for them. And once again Kame admitted that work behind the scenes of baseball game is important and needed very much.

In this episode there was also a part dedicated to Tanaka Masahiro that was on rehabilitation after an injury. There was a video message for him from Ueda-san, Kame and Egawa-san. They were supposed to give him encouraging message with one kanji only.

 楽 - comfort, ease - unfortunately I didn't understand Egawa-san
亀 - turtle  - I think that Kame meant a slow pace of healing, nothing forcefully and if I understood well Kame also wanted to be remembered by Ma-kun but I'm not sure.
上 - above, up - I think Ueda wants him to look forward for better, that after he recovers there will be another games to play. But I think he came up with this word because he fallowed Kazuya.

I want to end this post with two more caps because Kazuya looked really handsome and yes I like his hands XD
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