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little boy's beer bath ^_^

Lately I've been busy and little or rather quite down and I wasn't in a mood for posting. Luckily I'm bit better and to feel good again I'm making this post and it helps a lot XD
Tonight I have a Going! Sports & News post and it's 2 in one post since two episodes are connected with each other XD Yeah!!!!! They are from 26th of September and 3rd of October. I know that I'm late again but better late than never, right? So let's get to the point ^_^I begin with Kame's live broadcast and talk with three Soft Bank Hawks players; Tamura Hitoshi, Wada Tsuyoshi, Matsuda Nouhiro.
Kame said something about Tamura-san being a member of Going family since he emails so often to them. When it came to Wada-san, Kame thanked him for his pitching teaching ^^

And I must say this that Kazuya looked here absolutely amazing, like glowing with happiness. He was telling with whole himself that he is happy and that he is where he wants to be and where he should be.

Now let's have some fun following Kame's road to beer pouring and it started with Kame wanting to repay Soft Bank's kindness and help with his pitching project ^^ So he was told to help with preparing beer pouring and helping with press conference XD

I really loved the fact that Kazuya just couldn't stop himself from telling the players that he'll be helping with the beer ^^

Than of course Kazuya couldn't help himself to watch the game what made him to be late for the preparations ^^



And now let's get the party started and let's see that little child in Kame; happy, jumping, screaming and clapping Kazuya ^_^
I am repeating myself again but there is just no way not love Kamenashi Kazuya ^^

Next time home run project continues with tips from T-Okada who is apparently very good with hitting home runs and Kame doesn't intend to give up even if it would make Ueda-san happy XD
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