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kame deeply into a baseball game and hr project continuous

It's time for another Going! Sports & News ^^ and today it's an episode from 10th of October. Yes I'm quite behind with my posts but I'll try my best to make them more often to catch up.
I must admit that I really enjoyed how karma hit Ueda-san for all the times he bullied Kame and I want things like that happen more often *being sadistic towards Ueda-san* But hey, it's all Ueda-san fault for not thinking before saying something out loud ^^

First let's start with Kazuya and Mori-san interviewing players; Nishioka Tsuyoshi, Hiroyuki Nakajima and coach Hisanobu Watanabe before the game between Lotte Mariens and Seibu Lions. They were talking about the game between both teams that took place the day before and about predictions for the upcoming one.

Now let the fun begin with Kame, Ueda-san and Mori-san watching the game.
Seeing all Kazuya's expressions while he was watching that game was pure pleasure and he really gets into the mood ^_^

Yet Egawa-san made sure to disturb the fun of watching the game by giving riddles for Kame and Ueda-san. On Kame's paper was a sign "ni" and on Ueda's was "go". I'm not sure here but I think that Ueda-san asked if Egawa-san is a CIA agent that likes riddles.

Kame's "ni"                                                                                       Ueda-san's "go"
Next I love how Ueda-san asks out loud if "ni" might stand for Nishioka-senshu? and Kazuya with hesitation says Nishioka-senshu.... Just then Mori-san says that Kame is right and Ueda-san's expression is priceless ^_^ And of course Ueda-san isn't happy about it, having problem with it but karma is karma and it get someone when it gets (I make no sense here but I was laughing so much at that moment and I'm grateful to Mori-san)

And till the end of the game Ueda-san was wondering and guessing all the time what that his "go" might mean.


There was also a very nice moment when Nishioka caught the ball in the air, in a very nice style. Even I was impressed seeing that.
And Kame made a nice gesture right after that, showing his piece of paper with "ni" on it ^^

Back at the studio Egawa-san explained the meaning of Ueda-san's "go" and he said it's a board game, igo? and it's about tactics or players positions. I'm not sure about it. I'm posting two screen caps because of Kame's adorable reaction about that board game ^^

Next we have continuation of Kazuya's home run project and this time he seeks advices with T-Okada, a player of Orix Buffaloes.
Kame also says to Ueda-san that this time he has his own bat so Ueda-san should watch this one carefully. Kame, Kame ^^

So, his meeting with T-Okada, Kazuya started with showing his bat, made just for him.  After trying few hits with Kame's bat, T-Okada like it it. Also Kame tried T-Okada's bat and was impressed with it ^^

to be continued...

Ending this post I want to get back to the studio with few screencaps because in my modest opinion Kazuya looked really handsome and also his clothes look good, on him ^_^ And the way Kame held on to his bat - adorable XD

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