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hr project continuous with T-Okada

Time for another episode of Going! Sports & News from 17th of October where we can see continuation of Kame's meeting with  T-Okada and Hirotoshi Kitagawa from Orix Buffaloes. In this episode Kame learns what's wrong with his batting and unfortunately Ueda-san is back with bullying Kame and he starts at the beginning by saying that Kame won't hit home run.

In this episode we could also see fragments of game between SoftBank Hawks and Chiba Lotte Marines and before that Kame and Mori-san interviewed few players; Nobnhiko Matsunaka, Toshiaki Imae and Nishioka Tsuyoshi . After that they both watched the game during which Nishioka collided with Kiyota. Kame's and Mori-san's reaction to that collision is on the screencaps. Luckily both players were alright ^^

yes Kame's hands...

Now it's time to get back to Kame's meeting with T-Okada to see what Kame is doing wrong while batting and what should he do to change that. So let's see...

If I understood it right, Kame's problem is wrong balance of his body weight. Like he has to use all his body weight to hit the ball with the right force and right now he is not doing it. 
I think it's similar to what I was told during my self defense course. To hit the aggressor with my whole body not only with my fist because that will give my hit much more strenght.

Yes 70m, not as much as Kame would want to but hey he was trying a new way of batting so it's ok.

Back, at the studio Ueda-san couldn't stop himself from bullying Kame once again by saying that it's the end of home run project and Kame's reaction to it was more than adorable ^_^

In the studio Kazuya asked Edogawa-san what he could do to be a better batter. Edogawa-san told him that he should gain weight to have stronger hit or increase the speed of his swing which in my opinion also needs more strenght, more body mass. Kame says that gaining weight is impossible because he is one Johnny's and in his own opinion he needs to work on the right timing with the right balance of his body weight to do the right hit ^^

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