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being a scout man is too boring for Kame comparing to a baseball game ^^

Yay!!! Another Going! Sports & News post ^_^ Tonight episode from 24th of October. Kazuya learns how a scout man's work looks like and if it's able to interest Kame enough to take his mind of baseball itself ^^.
I'm a month behind and there will be another SP episode in December. I have to get a grip of myself, find more time and catch up with my Going posts.

In this episode Kame had had a meting with Orix Buffaloes' scout man Satake Manabu who once was a baseball player himself. At the beginning Kame asked if camera is ok while scouting and heard that it's not but for him an exception will be made.
Kazuya is very lucky with al the exceptions for him XD

I'm not sure but i think that during the ride Satake-san told Kame that there is a chance that he also might be watched and might have  chance for the draft.  I wish for that  happen ^_^

So they sit behind the back net as the best place to watch quality of players and balls.

Like a child that was given a new toy. So adorable :D

Kame, so lost in game that he forgot about pressing the timer ^^

Lastly Kame asked Satake-san what he thinks about his batting. Kame was told that he wouldn't be a a very good home run batter but his timing is good. He was told something more good (I didn't understand what :( ) that made him feel quite good and Kame said that it's better than praising from Johnny. Like I said it long time ago, Kame's true love is baseball ^_^

I want to end this post with two more screencaps. Yes I really love Kame's hands, maybe too much but I don't care XD
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