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kazuya behind the scenes of the draft meeting...

It's been some time since my last Going! Sports & News post, almost a month. All I can say is; shame on me.
Since the year is coming to an end I want to be done with Going! episodes that were aired till the end of October. So today's post is about the episode from 31st of October with Takahiro Arai, from Hanshin Tigers as a guest.

So the first part takes us behind the scenes of the draft meeting and draft 2010 itself. I must admit that even I got a bit nervous while watching it and I really wanted Orix's manager to draw Ishimine Shouta in the second round.
Kazuya was very impressed with the place, where the draft will be held and the way he was talking about the fate of newcomers to professional baseball that will be decided there. I could feel his respect and I'm sure that he wished to be one of these newcomers ^_^

Then, there was a time for another meeting with Orix's scout man Satake Manabu and before entering the room, Kazuya was asked to keep everything that will happen behind that door for himself, no leaking even a word. The way Kame was listening to him, with serious expression.

Cool and content, like he belongs there ^_^
For the time of preparing tactics for the drift by Orix's team manager, team leaders and all the Orix's scouts the cameramen were asked to leave the room. Kazuya was the only one allowed to stay. The cameras were back 3,5 hour later.

They all were very nervous all the time and that atmosphere started to get to Kazuya and he got nervous himself as well as wishful for the right draw, to the team :)
Finally the time for the second round came and Orix wanted Ishimine Shouta that was very special to Satake-san. Unfortunately they lost in drawing and they lost Ishimine. It really hit Satake-san and also Kazuya. I know that expression of his very well. I have it too when I really want to keep my emotions inside so no one can see them.

Back to the studio, Kazuya said that he is very glad that he was allowed to take part in such an important event and there are a lot of people working bin the background baseball players.

Then the conversation with Takahiro Arai started and after a while they started to talk about Kazuya's home run project. Ueda-san was saying that Kame's batting is too short, that he already told Kazuya that's it's impossible for him to hit a home run, that he shouldn't do it but Kame is just to stubborn :D Then Arai-san say that Kame's batting is good and Kazuya has to take care of his body balance. He also thinks that Kame will hit a home run. Eat that Ueda-san :D:D:D
Kazuya asked Arai-san to practise with him and teach him the tactic. The answer was "yes" And for a moment there I saw a boy that was granted a big wish. Ueda-san was one more time hit by karma ^_^

And no, I haven't forgotten about Kazuya's compering the size of his hand with Arai-san's one ^_^

Now I would like to say Thank You to A and P for subbing the first part. It helped me a lot. And I also want to say Thank You to my friend,  tanakakoki_fan for helping with the second part of this episode :D
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