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a day camp experience with Saitama Seibu Lions' players

Tonight, Going! Sports & News from 21 of November. Ueda-san is back and Kazuya is feeling little bit better, without all the power of the last week's atmosphere.

Just like with the last post, I'm gonna start with a mail from Lotte Chiba Marines' outfielder, Ikuhiro Kiyota who wished Kame good lack with his home run project ^_^ Very nice of him to say that :)

Now it's time for a day camp with Seibu players and Kazuya started it with meeting the team's manager and coach, Watanabe Hisanobu. He was told that fall day camp is tough to train from the beginning and is a hard training experience. Also how this autumn is important for the next fiscal year for the camp. Kazuya took everything seriously.
Now let's go to the training itself and start with 100 meters run with two attempts and with both Kazuya failed even if he gave his all; 14,90 and 15,12 seconds. He needs to speed up with his running for his home run project.

Then he had to run fast enough to and the ball and that hadn't been too easy.

After all that running, time for pitching practice came because on upcoming Thanksgiving event Kazuya will stand against three players from Rakuten Golden Eagles; Yamasaki Takeshi, Tanaka Masahiro and Shima Motohiro. So Kazuya seeks for guidance from two Seibu Lions' players; Shore Takayuki and Wakui Hideaki, especially from the second one.

That's all for tonight :)
Next Going! post will be containing two episodes, covering Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles Fans Thanksgiving 2010 and I hope I'll make that post very soon.
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