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ceremonial first pitch confrontation with three Rakuten's players

Since my life is a bitch right now I decided to run from it for a while and spend some time on making another Going! News & Sports post. So tonight it's time for two episodes (28th of November and 5th of December) in one post since both are connected by Kazuya taking part in a Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles Fans Thanksgiving 2010 that took place on 23 of November 2010.

Before the big even Kazuya decided to spend some time in the bullpen to practice pitching (since it has been a while from his last ceremonial pitching) and seek advice from Satoshi Nagai whose uniform Kame had been wearing.

Few last tips from Hisashi Iwakuma...

And although Kame is nervous, he goes to pitch against Tanaka Masahiro, Yamasaki Takeshi and Shima Motohiro...
Kazuya's first opponent is Tanaka Masahiro...

and Ma-kun is down ^_^
Now it's time to pitch against Shima Motohiro...

Even though first ball has been nicely curved and there has been a strike, Kazuya lost against Shima with the second pitched ball.
Time for the third and the last one opponent Yamasaki Takeshi...

The final ground ball has been the end of Yamasaki and his bat ^_^
I'm also adding a screencap of Yamasaki's broken bat and of Ma-kun laughing adorably at Yamasaki's fails  ^_^

After hard work there is time to celebrate...

I'm going to end this post with few screncaps from the studio. They are from both episodes and on the 5th of December there had been a guest, Hitoshi Tamura from Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks and Kazuya had been praised by him ^_^

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