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92 meters out of 97, Kame's way to hit a home run...

And again it's time for Going!Sports & News post ^_^ Today an episode from the 12 of November .2010 where Kazuya practices to his home run project with Nakata Sho from Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters. "Ueda vs Kamenashi" had been also reminded again ^_^

Kazuya's training with Nakata Sho took place in Okinawa and If I understood correctly Nakata-san knew about Kame's HR project as he watched when Kame had been training with T-Okada.

Before both of them went on the baseball field, Nakata-san gave Kazuya a tip on how he should lead his left arm while hitting the ball with bat,  about  strength of the impact and Kazuya asked how much the right timing is important.

So it's time to go out, on the field to do some good batting and I really loved how Kazuya was trying to enchant the ball so it would go far enough to hit a home run, adorable.

The ball wasn't to eager to listen to Kazuya's enchantment so Nakata-san proposed a change of bat.
Earlier during training Kazuya showed him his own bat and of course Kame had to mention that it's signed with his name. An they both laughed as Nakata-san said that his bat isn't signed with his name ^^

Change of bat has been a good choice because with Nakata-san's bat Kame had been able to send the ball much farther; first to 90th then to 92nd meter.

Back in the studio Egawa-san gave some explaining on working with the left shoulder and how a moment of impact is important, also about a power of swinging and more. Kazuya had been listening to him very carefully and with serious expression.

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