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02 May 2011 @ 08:44 pm
The last two Going!Sports&News episodes of 2010  
Today, in one post I will include two last episodes of Going! Sport & News. Episodes from 19th and 26th of December 2010. In the episode from the 19th there has been a special guest, gymnast Tanaka Rie. The episode from 25th contained Mori-san, Ueda-san and Egawa-san watching horse racing with betting on and winning ^^ Also reminder of all Kazuya's baseball projects and activities plus presents from various players.

The first of two episodes, I'll start with two screencaps of Nishioka Tsuyoshi at the press conference after becoming a player of Minnesota Twins. I really love how Kazuya has been smiling while Nishioka introduced himself. Kame for sure is very happy for his friend :)

And few screencaps with Tanaka Rei. I think that Kazuya really liked her, well I liked her myself, she seems to be a very nice person :)

The second of the episodes we have a very handsome Kazuya in suit ^_^ Also the way Kame has been tilting his head while laughing, I could only thinking about... well I save that information for myself XD

I'm going to end this post with two extra screencaps which I find very sweet and l very entertaning ^_^
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