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Kazuya goes behind the scenes of baseball, again

Going! Sports & News from the 6th of February 2011 and Kazuya goes behind the scenes of baseball with Nagasaki Shinichi. Everything happens during Chiba Lotte Marines camp on Okinawa.

So Kazuya is back with his "behind the scenes project" and during it has two brief meetings, with Norifumi Nishimura ( I think he has a soft spot for Kazuya, he is always nice to him and make him feel like a part of the team) from whom Kazuya received a glove to also catch some balls...

... and Tsuyoshi Nishioka just before his leave to United States, to play for Minnesota Twins. Nishioka answering Kame's question, said that he has feelings of a rookie right now.

Time to get back to the project and Nagasaki-san.

The thing that Kazuya got to know the most was how the balls are cleaned mechanically and polished. The room that the machinery stood in and the room with all the baseball equipment seemed to be like a playground with wonderful toys for Kame. That sweet smile of his...

The other activities of that project were; picking up and carrying balls, collecting and bringing equipment to it's place, taking care of laundry, plundering the ground, observing etc.

And like always, it's time to get back to the studio with few screencaps...

One more extra pic with my three favourtie baseball guys; Kamenashi Kazuya with two Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks' players: Hitoshi Tamura and Seiichi Uchikawa. My favourite idol and favourite baseball players. I'm very, very happy that Tamura and Uchikawa finally are playing in one team :)
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