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03 July 2011 @ 04:30 pm
live from Okinawa and Yokohama Baystars camp  
Going! Sports & News from 13th of February 2011. This time it's not from the studio but live from Okinawa.
Ok, I did some googling using a map shown in the program and I wonder if the hotel behind their backs is the Laguna Garden Hotel. Hotel that is right next to baseball field where Kazuya trained with Yokohama Baystars on their camp and where he met with Morimoto Hichori.

Kazuya started his day, first meeting StarBays' manager Takao Obana, then Daisuke Miura and Shuichi Murata to ask some questions about Morimoto Hichori. I must say that he is a very funny guy, seeing some footage of how he acts made me laugh, he is a really good mood maker :)

And time to meet Morimoto-san personally finally came. It was quite funny as he repeated "majide?" seeing Kazuya walking in into the locker room :) Kazuya tried to be funny too yet he failed, Morimoto-san received much bigger applause from the team :) But to give justice to Kazuya, while he was wearing the glasses the word "kakkoi!" was repeated a lot XD

Kazuya also participated in BayStars' training; running remarkably well and enjoying himself  :)

Now I should say back to the studio but this time I say; back to the beautiful pool :)
I must say that Kazuya looked really good and handsome with that night's outfit. It's really good to see him in bright colours. I hope to see him much more often wearing things like that.

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