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kazuya as a catcher, catching fast ball traveling over 150km/h

Another episode of Going! Sports & News, this time from 20th of February. In this episode, Kazuya took another challenge as a pitcher. He supposed to catch three balls in a row pitched by Tokyo Yakult Swallows' player Yoshinori Sato.

Kazuya started with getting to know Yoshinori Sato, seeing him pitching and asking about him.
Sato's raising fastball has exceptional velocity, usually sitting at 146 to 153 km/h and reaching 161 km/h with only one pitch during 2010 season. Sato complements the pitch with a hard slider at low-80s and a occasional forkball.

Kazuya was impressed with Sato's hands, pretty soft like girl's yet throwing hard fastballs. Then how he rubbed his own hands :)

After that, little talk with Swallows' manager and coach Junji Ogawa about Sato, then learning what a baseball ball with a speed 150 km/h can do. Kame's facial expression tells a lot, especially the eyes.

Before a challenge, it's time to do some practice and take few good advices from a catcher Ryoji Aikawa. Aikawa told Kazuya about a good feet balance and the right timing to catch a ball in the right place.

Finally, time for the challenge has come. While observing Soto's pitching, Kazuya was impressed and unsure of what is ahead of him.
So, both started with light throwing and catching to have some practice...

Now it's time for the challenge and Kazuya has to catch three balls in a row to succeed...

Success, Kazuya did it !!! 
I must also say that I really loved Ueda-san's reaction while Kame was catching the ball. Someone could have an impression that Kazuya had to catch a ball fired from a cannon :)

Catching such a fast balls left trace on Kame's left hand, swelling and pain...

And like always at the end, few screencaps from the studio :)

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