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Kazuya learns the rules of being a baseball umpire

And let's start with Going! Sports & News from the 27th of February 2011. This time, Kazuya took part in training camp of baseball umpires. New things were learned, not always right away :) and a false action corrected.

So this time, Kazuya is back with "professional baseball's background project" and he learns the rules of baseball umpiring. To do that he meets Nakamura-san, baseball chief referee that introduces him to the rest of referees.

Kazuya took part in 45 minutes warm up/stop-go practice calls, learning all about "out " and "safe". And I must say that I really liked how well Kazuya spoke; "he's out", "you're out" in English :)

Time to become a umprie that stands behind the catcher and decides on correctness of the thrown balls. And at the beginning Kazuya is corrected with the way he holds his hand while calling a "strike". Nakamura-san told Kazuya also to follow the ball only with his eyes not moving his head at all.

Next, Kazuya learns the commands of the referees that stands on the internal field boundary and tells if the player if he got the base. The commands are "safe" and "out". On his first try, Kazuya makes a mistake saying "out" instead of "safe" and his expression becomes adorable when he is told that it's wrong. The next try is right :)

Kazuya learned that the work of umpire isn't an easy one.
Now, let's get back to the studio and handsome Kame for a moment ^^

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