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Kazuya interviewing Yomiuri Giants pitchers.

It's time for another Going! Sports & News post. And in the nearest days more posts will come since I will have much more free time. A lot of that time will be taken to have fun with screencaps ^_^ So today we're having Going! Sports & News from the 10th of April 2010 and Kazuya is interviewing three Yomiuri Giants players; Utsumi Tetsuya, Tohno Shun and Sawamura Hirokazu.

Before the interview, he was fairly nervous, like always. However, during the interview he relaxed and even had a good time.

Kazuya: How would you view the team's preparation so far?
Utsumi: Well we acquire the golden rookie (Sawamura), I think that made the team prepare faster.
Kazuya: How did that influence the team's atmosphere?
Utsumi: I think it's a good kind of survival atmosphere where you have to give your all. It's a good mood for training.
Kazuya: For Sawamura player this season is the first training camp, how was your first pro camp training for you?
Sawamura: I's fun to be here everyday, and to have Utsumi-san and Tohno-san there, what can you say--
He's churning out a 'model student' statement respectful of his seniors. But from the seniors' point of view...
Utsumi: How serious! That's an A+, right there.
Kazuya: It really looks like there isn't much of a distance (between senpai & kouhai). Very genial,
Utsumi: Well he's basically looking down on us.
Tohno: Besides, how do you call Utsumi-san again?
Utsumi: It's Tetchan.
Tohno: He calls him Tetchan! He really does!
[in the studio]
[Ueda: Yep. That's looking down on them alright.]
Tohno: And what do you call me?
Utsumi: Shun.
Tohno: *laughs* Are you summoning me?
Kazuya: Today we'd love to reveal your real selves, so we've prepared this:
What we've prepared are signs with their names for them to answer our questions with the name of the person they think suited the question
Kazuya: Between the three of you who is the one that hated losing the most?
Utsumi-player and Tohno-player chose Utsumi-player. Sawamura-player chose Tohno-player
Kazuya: Let's start with Sawamura-san.
Utsumi: I think it's Tohno-san.
Tohno: I don't think so,
Kazuya: You look very passionate in matches, that's the image I have of you, is that why-?
Utsumi: Yes, you can feel that he hates to lose.
Kazuya: Do you feel that in training too?
Utsumi: He does look very driven even from training.
As for what Tohno-player thought of Sawamura-player in the bullpen...
Tohno: You don't wanna throw near him, right?
Utsumi: Right, you don't.
Tohno: Cause he throws very fast, and it would make you think 'I'll throw some fast ones too' but then you'll wreck your form that way.
Utsumi: He's really fast.
Kazuya: Yes, he does have a great butt.
Utsumi: It's very firm.
Kazuya: Have you touched it?
Utsumi: I haven't, no. Can I do it later?
Utsumi: Yes.
Kazuya: So you think you're hate losing the most?
Utsumi: Yes, because we keep getting younger players, I'm 29 this year, so I don't want to lose to them. There's also a sense of responsibility. If I'm not driven enough the younger ones won't follow suit. I ended up pretending to be mature like that.
Kazuya: Next: between the three of you, who's the most popular (with women)?
Utsumi: You- when did that ever happen?
Tohno: But it's true!
Utsumi-player chose Sawamura-player, but the two juniors chose Utsumi-player.
Kazuya: You think Sawamura-player is the most popular?
Utsumi: The two of us are married, so no matter how you look at it, the bachellor is the more popular one. I mean, the Valentine's day of the year after I got married, I had 7 chocolates given to me. The year before it was around 40 . It was such a shock I couldn't recover from it *laughs*
Kazuya: For me, last year I had work that day, on the table in my dressing room there's a box of chocolate with 'from the staff' written on it and that was it.
Utsumi: Eh?? Are you serious? Does this mean I'm more popular than Kamenashi-kun?
Utsumi: Wait, no, cut that one out, I'll get in trouble *laughs*
Kazuya: Between the three of you, who's the most scatterbrained?
Utsumi: Ah well this one is--
Kazuya: Are you ready? One- two- (Sawamura didn't raise his sign) ah we can already see he's a scatterbrain.
Utsumi: Yes, this is it. He'll fall behind on stuff, just like this. Even in training he'd sometimes look like he's daydreaming.
Kazuya: Do people tell you that often? That you're scatterbrained?
Utsumi: Not really...
[Kazuya: He'd sometimes looked like he's daydreaming in the middle of the interview too]
[Ueda: Ah really? *laughs*]
[Kazuya: You'd take to him and he'd just didn't respond.]
And here we'd ask his seniors what Sawamura-player's real personality is.
Kazuya: Let's start with Utsumi-player 'Sawamura-player is actually a xxxx'. What is it?
Kazuya: 'Sawamura-player is actually good in karaoke'
Utsumi: He could actually imitate Fukuyama Masaharu-san.
Kazuya: Can we see that here...?
Utsumi: Ah no, that's a bit-
Tohno: You can, you can!
Utsumi: Do Fukuyama Masaharu-san's Shiwase no Ketsumatsu (an end to happiness)!
Will Sawamura-player answers his senior's unreasonable request?
Utsumi: ♪ she loosen up her hair ♪
Tohno: He really did it *laughs*
Kazuya: ♪ Kami wo~ ♪
Utsumi: Right. ♪Kami wo~ ♪
Utsumi: Oh! If he did it once he'll do it again and again! *laughs*
Kazuya: And continuing. According to Utsumi-player Tohno-player is...
Utsumi: A chatterbox. If you start talking to him, he won't stop. Right no he's pretending to be cool like this. But he's the most talkative among us.
Kazuya: In private too?
Utsumi: Yes. It's tiring.
Kazuya: And Tohno-player, what do you think of yourself? you're actually a xxxx... 'Actually cool'. So that talkative part of you--
Utsumi: He's trying to give off this cool image. But I won't let him.
Tohno: So if the three of us talk, how many percentage would it be of me talking? Can you make a pie chart of it?
Utsumi: *draws* I think it's like this:
Apparently when they went to dinner and talk, Tohno-player would be talking 99% of the time. Definitely a chatterbox!
Kazuya: So Sawamura-player's karaoke impersonation was within that 1% of gap?
Utsumi: Yes, just barely in there, but finally he could sing.
And what are their thoughts for this season?
Kazuya: Let's start with Sawamura-player. Your goals for the season?
Utsumi: To continue on with Utsumi-san and Tohno-san as a pitcher so the team can perform their best. And so Giants can end the season with laughter.
Tohno: This year, with us three as pitchers in rotation we'd like to do our best and hopefully be number on in Japan.
Utsumi: It was hard to watch last year's Nippon Series on TV, so I'd like to work hard to get to be Japan's number one. (c)

And now it's time to get back to the studio and to always handsome Kazuya. I really like his outfit here, the shades of colours and that checkered shirt. I really think that stylists are doing great job with Kame's outfits in Going! Sport & News :)

(c) credit for the translation goes to takarai_karin As always, Thank You very much for translation and sharing ^_^
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