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Kazuya interviewing Nippon Ham Fighters, Saitoh Yuki

Lately it's so hard to find will to do anything and I have no idea why. Yet I've managed to find some and I'm making another Going! Sports & News post ^^ Maybe it's Kazuya's influence? Somehow when it comes to him, I'm able to mobilise myself to do things much more often.

So today it's a post with Kazuya interviewing another baseball player and this time it's Nippon Ham Fighters, Saitoh Yuki also calledHandkerchief Prince. But let's start from the beginning with Kazuya's arrival at the Nippon Ham Fighters stadium and few short interviews with team's manager Masataka Nashida, outfielder Atsunori Inaba and coach Masato Yoshii.

Next Kazuya could watch the game between Nippon Ham Fighters and Chiba Lotte Marines, won by the first team. Kazuya had the pleasure to watch it with Egawa-san and I could witness Kazuya'svery nice and sometimes very funny facial expressions. And finally, Kazuya having so much fun while watching, a pleasure to watch ^_^

Finally time for the interview came and Kazuya was very nervous and it showed especially after it was all over. Right after that interview Kazuya acted exactly like I do when I'm done with difficult talks or tasks. I can handle it all no matter how nervous I was before I started but right after it ends it all goes out. Back to the interview, Kazuya did a very good job ^_^

Kazuya: Congratulations. Nice to meet you, I’m Kamenashi.
Prince: I’m Saitoh.
Kazuya: Congratulations on a successful first win! With this, from the 12 rookies in your year you are the first! What did it felt like at the start of the game?
Prince: My heart was pounding. But I guess the result was all right.
Kazuya: I did saw you this morning, and you didn’t really looked nervous. So you weren’t in that condition yet in the morning?
Prince: That’s right, in the morning there was only a good kind of nervousness. So it wasn’t an overwhelming one.
Kazuya: How about the night before? Did you felt a kind of adrenaline rush and couldn’t sleep?
Prince: Ah no, I slept normally.
Kazuya: Normally? I guess it’s as expected (of you). So you just normally ate dinner and slept? And you woke up today and normally ate breakfast? By the way what did you ate for breakfast?
Prince: Rice and miso shiru.
[in the studio]
[Ueda: You asked him what he ate for breakfast??]
[Kazuya: I was curious, because he said he wasn’t really nervous.]
Kazuya: When you stepped up on the mound, and you looked up to the roof and exhaled before throwing your first pitch, what were your thoughts then?
Prince: Basically I was trying to make my mind blank. So I can start from zero. Before (coming up to) that I was very nervous, but after that I managed keep my mind at a normal state.
Kazuya: So you were already fine before your first throw?
Prince: On the first throw, the ball didn’t go to the area that the catcher can catch, but straight to the middle so I did thought ‘that’s dangerous’.
Kazuya: But you managed a one strike with a straight ball on that first pitch. When did you decided that would be your first throw? That you’d start with a straight (ball)?
Prince: Today as I arrived to the stadium. I talked with Ohno-san our catcher about it.
Kazuya: So from then on you were already deciding on a straight for the first throw. But even with a stadium full of supporters, did you felt as you stood on the mound you’d be able to pitch with a clear head?
Prince: Well in that moment I was thinking more of the opponent. This was my first time standing on the mound, so my nervousness wasn’t focused on them.
Kazuya: You cleared out your head and from then on you were calmed?
Prince: Yes.
Kazuya: What I do think as amazing is that you’ve been in the spot light, playing in high-profile games a lot, and has been receiving much attention no matter what condition you are. But even with all of that you can practice with your own pace, and I’m sure there are particulars that most people won’t realize too. And you managed to reached for a win in your debut performance. You’re very gifted after all, was what I thought.
Prince: Thank you very much. But today, our batters were really creating points a lot. And that full-base HR happened too, so I was very grateful to them.
Kazuya: Yes, my impression of the game was that it was very much a game where the rhythm was created by the whole team.
Prince: That’s true, after all this wasn’t a game where I haven’t made any mistakes, but with the rhythm we’ve created we managed to clinch a win. As for the team itself, this is a 2 straight wins for us, so I think we’re in a good shape.
Kazuya: Did any of your seniors come and advised you anything?
Prince: A lot of them did said ‘Ganbare!’ to me. And at the end they also told me ‘nice pitching!’ it made me very happy.
Kazuya: Up to now you’ve been in many high profile matches, in your high school and university career, but was the debut game for your pro career has a different feel to it after all?
Prince: It really does. After all people that I used to watch on TV were standing right in front of me. That was very nerve-wrecking.
Kazuya: So it felt like that after all. They’re the people you watch playing on TV as a young baseball fan. It felt a bit like playing video games perhaps,
Prince: That’s true. It was really like that. ‘Ah! I’ve played him, I’ve played him!’ *laughs*
Kazuya: I’m sure it felt that way *laughs*
Kazuya: Egawa-san asked whether or not your straights and your curved balls are any different from before the season and now that the season has started.
Prince: Right, in the pre-season matches I was experimenting with myself. Even if they might hit my straight balls, I still test how I pitch my straight shots. But today I’m pitching with the motivation not to be hit.
Kazuya: So at the pre-season matches you were using the opportunity to test out your throws, the straight and the curved and figure out the details of your pitch, we can say you were gathering data, so you weren’t pitching to necessarily win at the time?
Prince: Well, that’s not it, but I was more focused on experimenting with what I wanted rather than the results. I still haven’t been a pro for long after all, and I know you can’t grow so fast, but I do want to grow as fast as I can.
Kazuya: I did saw your hero interview earlier. You really looked as a pro ballplayer should, and to me it felt like I’m seeing the birth of a pro ballplayer emerging. I think the game today showed that. You looked really cool.
Prince: Thank you very much, (he’s clearly blushing ^^)
Kazuya: Were you not nervous doing the interview?
Prince: The one from today made me nervous, yes.
Kazuya: Well I do think being the focus of so much interest is very hard. But I would be paying close attention to for your performances this season. Do you have any words for Egawa-san and Ueda-san?
Prince: Ueda-san Egawa-san, nice to meet you. Today I’ve managed to win my first match. I will fight with allmy might this season so please kindly look after me. Your guidance please.
Kazuya: Thank you very much.
Kazuya: Uwahh… I was so nervous…
Staff: *laughs* (c)

And now back to the studio :)

(c) credit for the translation goes to [info]takarai_karin. Thank You very much as always :)
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