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On the top of the world? No, just on the top of the Yahoo Dome :)

It's really windy and cold outside because winter finally came here and there is even a snow. And since the weather is so very unfriendly I decided to to spend my time on something friendly and so very nice ^^. Yes, Kazuya and Going! Sport&News is always good for a good mood and to forget about unpleasant things :) Kame always makes everything better ^_^

So tonight let's take a look on the episode form the 24th of April 2011 where Kazuya has another project behind the scenes of baseball and it's conveying  signal to ignite the fireworks inside the dome.
Before we'll see Kazuya getting up 68 meters, we can see him on the top of the Yahoo Dome in Fukuoka where he greets both Ueda-san and Egawa-san :)

Before climbing up to get the fireworks ready Kazuya met with Kojima-san whose in charge of fireworks and will show Kazuya around.Also all the safety measures were kept and I mas say that this yellow helmet works for Kazuya. Well that guy always looks good in yellow, at least in my opinion :)

After getting to know how the things work and what his task will be Kazuya went to greet few Softbank players and to tell them what his purpose of being there is. Among the players were Hitoshi Tamura and Seiichi Uchikawa, my two favourite players.

Also Nobuhiko Matsunaka and Nobuhiro Matsuda

And the game began while Kazuya observed from above. That must have been a great fun to watch a game like that ^_^
After the game won by SoftBank Hawks few of the team players were looking up, probably thinking about Kazuya.

Now that the game is over everyone is waiting for the fireworks and Kazuya is getting himself ready to clap Kojima-san's hand in the right time. After the job is done well we can see Kazuya acting like a happy kid. I love him acting like that ^_^

And then a surprise/reward came, a beautiful night view over the city of Fukuoka...

Now back to the studio and I must admit that Kazuya looked very, very handsome. Also I love his shirt here ^_^

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