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Batting session with Softbank Hawks’ Kokubo Hiroki

How could I neglect my Going! posts like that!? Shame on me!
I need to fix that especially that there is a lot of episodes to catch up with. A year of Kazuya and baseball to catch up with. So without any
further delay I'm going with Going! News & Sports from the 15 of May 2010 and Kazuya's first HR project. This time it's his batting session is with Softbank Hawks’ Kokubo Hiroki.

So for the meeting with Kokubo Hiroki, Kazuya brought a bouquet of flowers for Kokubo's 400th HR hits.

Kokubo: I always watch this segment of yours
Kazuya: Really? Thank you very much,
Kokubo: Your distance is improving, right?
Kazuya: But without my knowing, there’s a second HR project commencing. No matter what, I do want to hit one before Ueda-san
Kokubo: *to the camera* I’ll get him to hit one before Ueda-san
Kazuya: Thank you
Kokubo: When I was in Junior and High School, I have a small built, so I learned how the way to hit properly even with a smaller body. That might be a small guide for you (c)

There seem to be a way to hit HR for people with small frames like Kamenashi
Kokubo: When I was first got drafted 18 years ago, with my batting skill I was told that reached 200 hits would already be a feat.
Kokubo: At the time I didn’t even think I could actually reach 200 HRs
And so he’ll learn how to hit HR for people with small builds from Kokubu-senshu. First, to check Kamenashi’s form in t-batting
Kazuya: *Kazuya bats*
Kamenashi’s flaw is?
Kokubo: You swing your bat like this; like you’re pushing forward with it. Your bat ended up moving away from your body
Kokubo: If you’re pushing forward after the bat hits the ball, that’s fine. But if it moves away from you before that you’ll lose your drive
Kazuya: I see
Kokubo: You should try to ‘push’ at the ball with your bat closer to your body
Kazuya: Hee~
Kokubo: Let’s say we have a car that’s broke down here. How would you push it? You won’t push like this, right? (with both arms stretched)
Kazuya: You’re right
Kokubo: You’ll do like this, right? (keeps your arms close to you as you push) you push like this, right? This is how you should approach batting. What you’ve hit like this you then push outward. (c)

According to Kokubo-senshu the way to do it is to hit the ball close to your body. And he has a secret weapon to practice for it. That is…
Huh? Is that the secret weapon? It looks short…
This bat actually only has 2/3 of a normal bat’s length. On as to why use a short bat…
Kokubo: Normal bats are heavy, so they do naturally swing away from you. But if you use this short bat your body can understand the form of hitting with the bat close to your body. And after that we can practice with the normal bat again
Normal bats are heavy, so the centrifuge would drive the bat away from the body naturally. So in using a lighter, shorter bat we can make the body get used to batting close to our bodies
Kokubo: Why don’t you try hitting?
Kazuya: Okay
Kazuya: This is the first time I’ve seen this
Kazuya: So short!
He tries to hit with the smaller bat, and be conscious of batting close to his body
Kazuya: *Kazuya hits*
Kokubo: See, you’re now hitting in a closer point to your body than before. Well, the short bat conditioned your body as such
After he’s gotten the hang of it, they try using a normal bat again
Kazuya: *Kazuya tried t-batting again*
Kokubo: Ah that was a good one! You have good sense. (c)

After he got used to such batting form, we now finally head for free-batting
First, a show of a HR hit in the enormous Yahoo Dome by Kokubo-senshu
Kokubo: *Kokubo-senshu hits a HR*
Kazuya: Awesome~!!
Kokubo: *laughs*
And now is Kamenashi’s challenge. He has decided his deadline for hitting a HR to be in June. Will his dream come true here?
Kazuya: *Kazuya hits*
Kokubo: That was a good one for a center hit. Unfortunately that isn’t our objective,
Has he finally realized the vastness of this venue?
But his distance won’t grow
Kazuya: It won’t fly today…
Seeing that Kokubo-senshu said…
Kokubo: Try only swinging your bat after you’ve placed your front leg
Kazuya: I couldn’t find the right timing for placing my leg
Kokubo: What my manager said to me once was the first position’s leg should already be on the ground when the bat meets the ball
Kazuya: Okay
Kokubo: If we’re going with the first position’s leg, then that’s the way to go
Kazuya: *Kazuya hits*
Kokubo: Oh nice, so far that one is the closest to the lesson we did
To swing the bat at the same time the leg was placed, Kamenashi’s hit visibly grew in distance
Kokubo: Okay, go for it!
Staff: Good luck! (…aww, the cameraman is unusually nice in this episode, and isn’t a do-S like usual XD)
His objective is just one thing: to reach the stands! Can he do it?
Kazuya: *Kazuya hits*
Kokubo: Whoa~!
His furthest distance today is 90m. In a venue with more than 100m in length, it became a center hit. His dream still wasn’t fulfilled that day. (c)

Kazuya: Thank you for today
Kokubo: No problem, you’ve worked your hardest
Kazuya: Do you think I can hit one before Ueda-san?
Kokubo: I think you can. Your batting now looks like somebody who does play baseball
Kazuya: For Kokubo-san who has hit your 400th, what is HR’s significance for you?
Kokubo: When you hit one, before you reach the home base, the game basically stops for you, right? You hit one, and went round the diamond—those moments are all your own. I’ve experienced that 400th times
Kazuya: You did that 400th times, right
Kokubo: Yeah, today while teaching Kamenashi-kun I feel like I’m reaffirming the technique I use. I realize just now there are some theories I haven’t put to practice since I learned it in Junior High. It’s been a while since I talk about how to make the ball fly. It’s a good reaffirmation for me, so thank you.
Kazuya: Thank you very much. (c)

And Masahiro Tanaka see Kazuya as the one hitting HR :)

Finishing the post with few more studio photos. Again Kazuya looked very handsome in a very good suit and that tie is so sweet ^^

(c) credit for the translation goes to [info]takarai_karin. As always, Thank You very much :)

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