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KAT-TUN - "come Here" album review

This is the first time for me to do a review of an album or single or anything for that matter. I am not really sure if it's going to be any good since I'm not good with words, with expressing myself. Yet I'm willing to try.

So here is my copy of the album which already arrived. Only one because of too many releases in too short time and unfortunately money don't grow on trees.

Come Here
It's very catchy song with summer feeling. Combined with funny PV gives a lot of joy.
I'm not a big fan of its lyrics but it's a good listening for summer days ^_^

I don't know why but from the first listening (and it was only the second song of the album) I knew that it's going to be my favorite song of this album. The verses, the chorus, the bridge, the music, that great electric guitar.
This song is definitely the most often played one from this album especially since I read the translation of its lyrics. This kind of song are my cup of tea and I love how much of them KAT-TUN has ^_^

I like how they left this song as it was, without any rearrangement. They simply sang it as four.
I wouldn't mind the other three songs being rearranged but not this one. Expose it too awesome of a song to make any changes to it.

Art of Life
Ueda Tatsuya never disappoints when it comes to his solos. All the changes throughout this song won't let anyone be bored. And the lyrics, I always love the lyrics of Ueda's solos, no matter if he writes them himself or someone else does it for him. The lyrics always have the kinds of truths in them that move my mind.

不滅のスクラム (Fumetsu no Scrum)
I love this song very much and listen to is quite often and when I listen to it on this album I can help myself but thinking that there's something wrong/missing at the beginning with only Junno, Nakamaru, Ueda singing. I will get use to it, I just need little time. Still love this song a lot :)

クレセント (Crescent)
Nakamaru Yuichi gave us a great solo and it's a pleasure to listen to it and his voice. It's something different than what he's been delivering us until now although it fits within his range of music style. I really love how fast it goes though it might be hard for him to sing it live. I'll be looking forward to listen to it on their concert.

This one gives me a very strong feeling of 80's. I must admit that I prefer chorus here much more than the rest that in my opinion is missing something. As a whole song played along with the rest of album it's a nice listening.

Break Your Cage
It's such a fun song to listen to and there is this irresistible need to dance while listening to it. And  we can hear a trumpet here!  I think it's the first time in KAT-TUN's song. And that falsetto melts my heart. I want to hear more of it in KAT-TUN's songs!
And finally this song could have such a fun and great PV!

It's very hard to be objective here since Kame is my bias.
So first of all I love the piano since it's my favorite instrument and the beat of this song is also very nice. Now the lyrics that are beautiful. These are not some kind of sophisticated lyrics but simple ones yet beautiful and in a way deep. All these words fit Kame so well and once again confirm that Kame is a romantic.
Of course I  must point out how good is Kame's pronunciation of his English line ^_^
And finally I as I managed to keep some objectivity I must say that I dislike that techno part. This song would be great/perfect without it. At least for me.

I love how calm and toned their voices sound here in verses only to become louder and stronger during chorus. The sound of the acoustic guitar in the background from time to time is smoothing. I love Kame's solo part near the end.
This song is beautiful!

Whenever I Kiss You
After Finale and Flash I needed few listening to get used to this song. It's so much in in the atmosphere of Junno's solos before the two I mentioned at the beginning. Now after listening this many times already I got used to it I I love it very much :)

Summer Emotions
It's definitely a summer/happy song! While listening to it all I can imagine is people on the beach having fun, playing games, few guys running crazy spoiling few things on their way, few other guys/people chasing after them, kids playing with sand.
I must also say this since it screams in my head, this song also gives me a feeling of mixing together a little bit of one of Arashi songs with much more with one of Blink 182 songs.
Yet it doesn't change the fact that I love this song and the way KAT-TUN sings it ^_^

To The Limit
Still love this song to bits and rapping KAT-TUN is perfect!

It's so KAT-TUN song
From the beginning till the end this song is perfect! The music, the voices, the feeling it gives. That guitar and the way it sounds. Perfect!

FACE to Face
I think that this song is the one that sounds the most similar to the original version. The way the original one was sang, how the voices were divided made it very easy. And the
chorus is still very powerful.

My Every Time
This is my favorite ballad on this album. I prefer it over Star even if Star is so beautiful.
This song has something in it that catches my heart completely and makes me want to shed few tears. It's probably they way they sing it that makes me want to listen to it over and over again.
May I say that I'm in love with that song?

It goes something like this... You, You  You can always choose, yeah. I agree ^_^
It's very sweet song and full of love, it melts my heart.

優しい雨 (Yasahii Ame)
It's the ballad that I like least out of all three of them. It's beautiful on its on way yet to me it's lacking something. I'm not able to say what exactly but there is something missing. I wish I could understand all the lyrics, maybe then I could tell something more.

come Here album
KAT-TUN grow with their every new album. It's not always so visible with their singles but every new album is better and better. They are not afraid to look for something new, something different. It's like they expanding and are stepping on a higher level of musical initiation. I'm very happy to be able to witness all that during last six and half years. I'm very proud to be a KAT-TUN fan!!!

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